Freeheart Project is a one-stop NYC bridal shop that aspires to make weddings cool, attainable, and personalizedAfter working as a buyer for Urban Outfitters, Diana launched Freeheart Project in December 2014 because she found the wedding world to be super lame and out of touch while planning her own nuptials.  She was looking for a store with an authentic and fashion forward vibe, and a selection of wedding apparel that a stylish Brooklyn girl could relate to, but it didn't exist so she decided to create it.  Freeheart has unearthed Diana's natural inner teacher and nurturer, and her mission is to help out other women during this profound time in their lives.  In addition to the well-curated selection of dresses, jumpsuits, veils, and jewelry, Freeheart offers wedding services that include planning, mystic readings, floral design, makeup artistry and more.  It’s a holistic approach to weddings, which allows Diana to fully support Freeheart brides so that they can enjoy their big day, be present, and celebrate their asses off. 

"As our imaginations become stifled by an ever-growing obsession with technology, style as a means of self-expression will be an increasingly important creative outlet. And although the fashion industry's motivation for recycling trends is obviously the profits they make off the confused kids trying to keep up with the Joneses, an individual's look can evolve for more genuine reasons.  Lately my style has been a throwback to my 13 year-old shoeless hippie self, who refused to wear anything that wasn't rocked 30 years earlier by some flower child on an acid trip. As a kid, my passion for the music of that era compelled me to adopt its counterculture principles and aesthetics.  These days, slowing down and embracing the tree-hugging love thy neighbor values has rekindled the bohemian vibe.  I now hope to inspire people to use style as a way of understanding and communicating their identity, so that we may all get a little closer to achieving self-realization and true fulfillment." 

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