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Magic & Metaphysics

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Our readers use the art of tarot and astrology to facilitate transformation, healing and empowerment. Their fun yet passionate approach to mysticism creates a meaningful experience and provides the guidance you need to harmoniously weather this time of transition.  Come with questions and we will help create a plan to go forth on whatever path you choose.  Readings can be done solo or as a couple. They are also an amazing addition to any party! 

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TAROT: Our reader received her first deck when she was just 12 years old and began reading that day.  From 2005-2007, she read at one of the largest Botanica’s in America and upon leaving started her own practice. She has read for numerous people around the globe and has a strong following. She is the co-owner of London Conjure and holds new and full moon circles at various spiritual centers around NYC.  A natural empath and medium, she has created her own form of energy healing based on Native American technique, and is trained in traditional Reiki.

Honey Jars - Honey jars have a long history in Folk and Root traditions, to bring sweetness, love, harmony, friendship, goodwill, kindness, favorable feelings and outcomes, and promote self-esteem. They are wonderful for couples who want to build their bond or for the single person looking to bring harmony and love (in all forms) into their life.  We will ship the honey jar, candles, and instructions to the client or will burn them here and send pics and updates. We also bring them to the river--Oshun, the goddess of love and creativity--twice a month to wash in her sweet waters.

Candles - Made with condition oils and herbs, these candles act as blessing spell work.  We offer love healing, love drawing, love (plain & simple), and love uncrossing, among other spiritual blessings. 

ASTRO: Our astrologer has studied the history and practice of astrology around the world. An avid traveler, she writes horoscopes for major magazines and websites, while exploring new places or settled in at home in NYC. She has appeared on numerous television programs as an astrology expert and her special areas of interest include fashion and astrology, compatibility, and wedding date selection. When in New York, she is available to do in person readings, and she is always available for consultation via phone and email. 

Wedding Date Selection - Haven't set a wedding date yet?  Our astrologer, a guru in Love and Fashion Astrology, can help you determine when the stars are aligned to bestow your nuptials and marriage journey with optimal intimacy, companionship, and harmony. 

Astrolocality - If jetting away with your love post-wedding is also on your mind, and you're looking for the best place to pursue your dreams, she uses Astrolocation techniques to determine where to find opportunities for optimizing your potential.

Compatibility - In our relationships, the individual energies of our natal charts interact with one another, resulting in an extremely complex and completely unique interplay between partners.  The study of astrology can illuminate areas of opposition and attraction.  With this new level of understanding, we enable our capacity for growth--as individuals or as a couple.